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So as you may remember we left off with Mike and the Stance Wars team back in Seattle, Washington last year. While on my way home from a shoot in Daytona, Florida recently I got a call from Mike asking if I wanted to come out and film their Vegas show. We booked a flight while I was in the airport on that call. I flew into Vegas with a couple cars lined up to shoot that I arranged through Instagram with the help of California’s #TeamReckless. I owe a huge thank you to them as they all helped drive me around all weekend capturing the rollers you see in this film as well as other….interesting Vegas activities. I was beyond thrilled to see everyone from Seattle again as well as new faces from California, Vegas, and surround states. For this film I teamed up with Matt Rosendahl, whom I met while filming in Seattle last year. Matt, who is an extremely talented filmmaker, brought along his anamorphic lens to Vegas lending some amazing flares to the film. We meshed together awesome and our styles and variations in lenses really helped add so many different layers to this project. At one point during the show while the sun was setting, by the way I think Vegas has the most beautiful sunsets, I turned around after prepping some gear and there was a line of people queued up to talk to me. This blew me away and caught me by surprise. So many people picked up stickers and I got to meet so many inspirational and up and coming creators. Thank you guys for bringing a smile to my face and making my trip so much better. All around I had a blast at the show and around Vegas seeing and going out with some of my best friends who moved out to LA. This was such an amazing weekend and I think this film portrays that as such. Can’t wait to see what Mike and the Stance Wars team has in store next…

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