Panda Junction 2015 | Stance Nation

Now I’ve been to a few Los Goonies meets before and a Tuner Evolution show but never one where the two came together. This years event took place at Cal Ripken Stadium in Aberdeen Maryland, a nice middle ground for the (B)East Coast. After the mornings baseball games were complete the lot began to fill up and the traffic began to back up out to the near by highway. It was awesome to attend a SOLD OUT meet and see so many familiar faces and meet so many new ones. The only down side of the day were my allergies causing 3/4 of my shots to contain sneezes out of no where every 5 seconds. Good thing I hoard Starbucks and Dunkin napkins in my car. A ton of quality cars showed up and I definitely enjoyed my time. Looking forward to Tuner and Los’s events coming up this season.

**Shout out to Brent Khelawan for the drone footage from the event.**

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