Clean Culture x Import Expo Orlando 2016 (4K) | Stance Nation

I’ve been around working with the Clean Culture gang since day 1 when they started small meets in my home town. Since then they have grown at an alarming pace and spread out all over the U.S. Recently they flew me down to Florida to capture their Orlando banger at the Convention Center. I started the trip by planning out how I could show you all Florida’s landscape and establish that this wasn’t just another show near me. So I scouted out some locations that screamed down south such as tree’s draped in Spanish Moss and waterways that signify Florida. After filming with Chris and his Huracan and GTR we headed to the pre meet where everyone packed out the parking lot getting ready for the next mornings show. The day of the show came next and the loading area of the convention center where the cars entered just interested me so much, thus why you’ll see so much of it in this film. The show went off great and I had an overall amazing time down in Florida meeting so many of you! I can’t wait to come back down that way and I hope you all enjoy the video and share it if you did.

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Music Used In Order of Use: (Please support the original artists)
Greenwood & Burns – “The Mighty Franqui(Yared Sound Version)”

MVEJIMV -“Shinjuku Hotel”

Hidden Jewels – Windwaker & Nate Everest – Holographic Palace EP

DEITY – “Mismal”